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Ottosun 2018 Xiamen Traveling

Ottosun all staff spent three happy days at Xiamen from Nov.3rd to Nov.5th.
On the first day, we went to the famous Gulangyu island, explored every special little shops in the lane, viewed the whole gulangyu island at sunshine rock.Then visited Nanputuo temple, after that, we climbed and looked at the whole Xiamen university.

Going to the Yunshuiyao village was our plan for the second day. Yunshuiyao belongs to the national 5A class scenic spot, it is a village with long history, fresh air, beautiful scenery. Besides, the most distinctive scenic spot is Fujian Tulou, which has been appraised as a world cultural heritage. We visited Huaiyuan building and Hegui building. In the evening, we took the ferry out to sea and enjoyed the city night view of Xiamen.
On the last day, we walked around the island road, talked and played on the beach, backed home with a light heart.