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OTTOSUN owns 1000m3 warehouse, which keeps stocks for different size of OTTOSUN products as well as boxes, all of the brake parts will be send to our own warehouse for making 1st checking and testing before shipping, we will check each items for the body marking, inner boxes and master boxes whether is following with the buyers requirement by our ERP. We will put all unit of the brakes or selecting part of them sending to the testing machine which in our warehouse, we also will send some brake unit to China authorized testing Bureau to 100% sure it is meeting the quality Citeria of the OTTTOSUN.


In OTTOSUN, there is a professional team work in the logistic department. With deep knowledge and experience, all members do well in their work: collect, classify and put item in correct position; Check up whether all noted affair meet customers' detailed request, including quality, product appearance, packages, shipping marks, labels, and take photos for records; Load the goods into the container directly and arrange the goods in accurate area, avoiding any damage or space waste.


All what OTTOSUN do is wish to provide perfect service to make goods safe and customer satisfied.