Brake Wheel Cylinder


Brake Cylinder:


With an OTTOSUN Brake Cylinder you get:

Aluminum or Iron Cylinder

Rubber seals and dust caps to resist ageing and degradation

Anodized and high-precision fit of the piston for the cylinder

Our precision with regards to the piston fit ensures a long life for our brake cylinders

Our brake cylinders are always 100% end of line tested


Brake Cylinder Range

OTTOSUN offers 2000 different brake cylinders, which covers 90% of the American vehicle spectrum and furthermore, our extensive range includes brake cylinders for most Asian and European car models.

With OTTOSUN Brake Cylinders you can give your customers excellent quality products from a premium range that offers increasingly wide coverage.


BrakeCylinder Testing

We evaluate every element of each brake cylinder to maximize safety. We do this through meticulous testing. All OTTOSUN Brake Cylinders are 100% end of line tested to ensure that they conform to OTTOSUN's stringent original equipment quality standards. We also put them through rigorous testing in the lab with up to one million cycles.


Brake Cylindersinnovation

At OTTOSUN every day we learn from different top manufacturers overseas to update and innovate our production technique and product information. Indeed, we update our production machine lines every year with the aim to fully automize our production in line with the current domestic policy "Made in China 2025" State Plan. This process is what enables us to create added value for you through product differentiation, leading technology and service that you can trust, wherever you are.